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Fakultät Physik

Seminar: Solid state spectroscopy

Tuesday 10.15-11.45 CP-03-176

The seminar is mainly aimed at bachelor and master students, PhD students and research assistants. But also students from the 5th semester on are invited to inform themselves about modern topics in solid state spectroscopy and especially about current research work at the department. There will also be the opportunity to familiarize oneself with interesting scientific topics and to present them in the seminar.




11.10.2022 Preliminary meeting -
18.10.2022 Sofiane Lansab "Ionenleitung in plastischen Kristallen:
Volumeneffekt oder Drehtürmechanismus?"
25.10.2022 Tobias Schwan "Eis"
08.11.2022 Sofiane Lansab "Cycloalkohole: Ein weiterer Fall von plastischen Kristallen"
15.11.2022 Benedikt Schlüter Sicherheitsunterweisung/safety instruction
29.11.2022 Jan Gabriel "Competing Supramolecular Structures in Glycerol/Propanol Mixtures"
06.12.2022 Prof. Tina Hecksher
(Roskilde University)
"Ultra-precise temperature-jump experiments and
broadband mechanical spectroscopy of viscous liquids and glasses"
24.01.2023 Yannik Hinz "2H-NMR Untersuchungen des tiefeutektischen Materials
Glycelin: Selektive Detektion der Dynamik von Cholin und Glycerin"
31.01.2023 Joachim Beerwerth "Vorhersage von NMR-Parametern mittels Dichtefunktionaltheorie"